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Most of these jobs are done in our store

Your 8mm cine stay in our care! – 8mm 9.5mm & 16mm Cine in 50 200 & 400 foot reels.

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Cine to DVD/Video – Done In-Store*

Forget struggling with the projector and screen. Have your old cine films copied to either video or DVD.

*Transfers from Regular (Standard) 8, Super 8 are transferred in our store. The 16mm (not in-store) are made using Elmo Transvideo machines. All these processes were specifically built for the purpose & we do not use home projectors and a screen. Quality results.

We are also able to copy 9.5mm film using a purely reflective process that still achieves remarkably good images.

Choose to have your film transferred to VHS tape or for a small extra charge to DVD. Should you wish to edit your footage on your home computer we suggest contacting us to discuss the best way to approach your project.

Video to DVD Transfer – PAL NTSC Conversion

What better way to move your memories into the digital age than to have your video tapes converted to DVD.

The service is available from the most popular domestic video formats and from both PAL system tapes and overseas formats such as NTSC. Tape formats: VHS*, VHS-C* (done In-Store), Video 8, Hi8, Digi8 and Mini DV.

Slides to DVD – Done In-Store

Many enthusiasts chose to use slide film, mainly for its ability to resolve incredible detail.

These days only a true enthusiast would want to set up the screen and projector. But thanks to modern digital techniques we are able to offer a slide to DVD service which aims to achieve the best possible results from any collection of slides.

Slides are individually scanned and where needed are corrected for colour and density as much as is possible.

The presentation on the DVD shows each slide for around ten seconds then dissolves gently into the next image.

Extra copies of the disc can be made cheaply at the time of order and we can even make a VHS tape as well if you require. Perhaps you would also like a CD of the scanned images to use on your PC. These can also be ordered.

Video to Video and Standards Conversion

Many people continue to use video formats and we continue to offer a range of video copying services.

We work from and to the most popular domestic video formats and even copy from old Betamax.

Convert your camcorder tapes to full size VHS. Produce extras copies for friends and family.

We can copy from and to VHS, S-VHS, 8mm, Hi-8, Digi 8 and Mini DV. Can be done In-store – ask for details

Most conversions can be made from or to NTSC, MESECAM, SECAM and PAL. Technical limitations may apply.


Reference: cine-transfer


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