Celestron T-Adapter Edge HD 8 inch

Reference 93644

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T-Adapter for 8” EdgeHD optical tube threads onto the rear cell.

This T-Adapter allows you to attach your 35mm DSLR camera to the prime focus of your EdgeHD telescope. This arrangement is used for terrestrial photography and short exposure lunar and planetary photography. It can also be used for long exposure deep-sky photography when using a separate guidescope.

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Our Description

Both a T-Adapter and T-Ring are required to mount a DSLR camera to your instrument.

Will I be able to use my standard Celestron SCT T-adapter 93633-A to attach my CCD or digital SLR camera to the EdgeHD? Yes, you can use your standard SCT T-Adapter to connect your CCD or digital SLR to the EdgeHD optical tube assemblies (OTAs). However, the EdgeHD has been optimized for astrophotography with a specific spacing between the optical tube and the camera image plane. Therefore, whilst you can use a standard SCT T-adapter with Edge HD optical tubes, the Edge HD T-Adapter is recommended for the best results.


Reference: 93644


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