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A family-run business, Hawke’s head office is based in Suffolk, UK but the company has quickly grown its presence to over 60 countries. Hawke strives to provide customers with innovative products tailored to meet their specific needs, working closely with industry professionals to integrate creative features that provide users with products that are rich in benefits, excellent value for money and are backed with exemplary customer service.

Hawke represents a lifestyle choice, appealing to the passionate and emotive side of optics, which is reflected in all areas of the business. The products also reflect Hawke’s passion, placing a premium on quality, value and devotion to outstanding customer service.
Binoculars – (from Best, Better, Good): Sapphire, Frontier, Endurance, Nature-Trek, Vantage
Spotting Scopes – (from Best, Better, Good): Sapphire, Frontier, Endurance, Nature-Trek, Vantage
We’ve got you covered… for life.
When you buy your new Hawke scope or binocular, you’re buying peace of mind… for life. In the event your product becomes damaged or defective we’ll repair it at no charge to you. It doesn’t matter how it happened or whose fault it was – we’ve got you covered.
The Hawke No Fault Lifetime Warranty is only available directly through our UK service centre. To request service, please follow our service procedure.

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