What is the best garden wildlife camera?

If you’re looking to capture images of wildlife in your garden, the best cameras are ones that offer versatility as well as user-friendly operation. The ability to take both still images and short videos is now a standard feature, but make sure that the camera will function in both daylight and night-time conditions. For night-time images/videos, “covert” or “black” infrared is essential for good quality images and the more megapixels (MP) that your camera has, the more detail you will see in your images.

There are many options that are described as “small animal” cameras and these can be great for photographing the smaller visitors to your garden, especially as these cameras can focus closer than their siblings. The downside is that this narrows the useable field of view, so there will, inevitably, be some compromise in how much the camera can “see” when taking images.

As far as power is concerned, the majority of wildlife cameras operate on standard AA batteries (non-rechargeable), however if you want the more reliable option then lithium batteries offer the best results. Not only are they generally more reliable, but they can and will function in much lower temperatures than standard AA batteries. This is crucial when considering that your camera will be operating outside in all weathers!

If you’re camera is going to be in a remote location that you’re not always able to access, then it may be worth considering a model that offers cellular connectivity. These devices can send images and videos straight to your smart-phone whenever the camera is triggered. These cameras usually come with a certain number of free images per month, but paid plans are also available from the manufacturers.

Obviously the more features your camera offers, the more it will add to the price, but we have options to suit all budgets on our website.

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