Printing Images from Phones and Tablets at Grovers

It’s getting easier and easier to take great photos with a smartphone or tablet and at Grovers you can use our photo kiosks to print your favourites!

It’s a simple procedure that involves selecting your preferred size and connecting your smart device to the kiosk. You can use the cables we have in store, or a better method is to use Bluetooth (for Android devices) or Airprint (Apple/iOS devices) to send images wirelessly to the kiosk. 

There is a feature on Apple devices called iCloud sharing which is automatically switched on and lets the device decide whether to store images on its own memory, or to send them to iCloud instead. This feature needs to be switched off and any files downloaded to the phone or tablet before bringing it in to us, otherwise the images in the iCloud cannot be transferred to the kiosk. It’s easy to do, but you’ll need a WIFI connection at home to do it.

Once you’ve got your images saved on your device, it’s a very simple process to get them printed and you can even use the kiosks to crop and otherwise edit your images!

We can offer a range of standard photo print sizes, from postcard (5”x4”) to A4 (8”x12”) and also giant poster sizes! 

Our full prices and details of our services are available in store and you can always call us on the phone to discuss options.

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