Attracting Birds And Bees To Your Garden

It’s always a delight to see wildlife visiting our gardens and one of the best ways to do that is to provide somewhere for them to eat and sleep in comfort.

Bees are desperately in need of our help these days, especially with all the help they provide to gardeners everywhere. Not all bees live in the same environments and knowing the difference will ensure that once they’re in your garden, they choose to remain. Bees fall, broadly, into two categories: solitary bees, which do not form hives and colonies, and honey and bumblebees which do. Honey bees and bumblebees will be more likely to take up residence in artificial hives and nest boxes and these look great on a garden wall. Solitary bees, on the other hand, prefer a range of habitats and they come in two broad groups: mining bees that excavate nests in the ground and cavity bees that utilise existing cavities in the environment, such as logs and even between housebricks. Providing both a suitable nesting site for bees, as well as ensuring your garden is full of pollen-rich plants to give them plenty of food, will make your garden a haven for bees of all kinds.

Birds, too, can be attracted to your garden with food and somewhere to nest. A variety of feeders and foods are available and we keep plenty in stock. Birch logs are an ever-popular next box choice as they not only provide plenty of room, but as they weather with the changing seasons, they blend into the surroundings and become an attractive feature of the garden. They also come with different sized holes depending on which birds you wish to attract.

Food comes in all shapes and sizes too. In spring and summer, nuts and seeds are an excellent all-purpose food, but as the weather turns colder, you will want to stock up on fat balls and blocks to provide some all-important energy for the feathered visitors to your garden!

Having plenty of nests and food for birds and bees will not only improve your garden, but will also give you plenty of opportunities if you fancy having a go at wildlife photography – the two bee photographs were taken by a member of the Grovers team!

Why not combine a bird nest or feeder with one of our nature cameras to make photographing your garden’s visitors even easier?

There are a number of feeders available dependent on the food you wish to provide and you can see these online and in our shop

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