Northallerton Car Parking

Parking is free in Northallerton on Sundays & we are normally open 10.00-4.00

Monday-Friday 9.30-5.00

On other days you can normally park all day for £2.00 at the excellently located Auction Mart Car Park. See the map for location & Access from B1333. It is a leisurely 8 minute walk in our lovely High Street to Grovers.

For your convenience Grovers does have a High Street loading bay 20 metres from our front door.

If you display a blue badge for disabled parking then you can park FREE, even right outside our store & without time restriction.

In Council car parks motorists must display a parking ticket (or a Disabled blue badge). There are normally spaces in the cheaper Forum car park.

If you do park in the High Street beware of the conditions:
1. It is free for 30-60 minutes but you must have a parking ticket.
2. You can not park in the High Street for more than two hours in TOTAL (apart from those with a blue badge).

It is free for 1 Hour at the rear of our store in The Applegarth Car Park. You really need longer in our town & you can “long stay” at the rear.

Wherever you park:
1. Do not park your vehicle crossing the white line of a parking bay (every day of the year).
2. On Wednesdays & Saturdays do not park in-between “no parking” cones or the market stalls.

This information was updated 3 January 2021. It is for information only & can not be relied upon.

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