Building a Radio-Controlled Car

If you thought normal model kits were fun, wait until you try your first RC model kit!

These kits make a great project and are relatively straightforward to assemble with the included instructions. The most important thing, as with non-RC kits, is to check through the instructions before assembly to identify any potentially difficult bits of assembly and, most of all, to take your time.

Just like non-RC model kits, scale is an important consideration when deciding which kit to buy, especially as RC kits are generally more expensive. However, the advantage of the larger kits is that they can be a little easier to customise and some have more advanced drive systems – some even allow you to convert them to four wheel drive!

Just like any other model kit, RC kits require a few tools for assembly, including a craft knife and file, but you will also require a couple of screwdrivers (a cross-head and a flat head) and possible a small spanner. These will usually be mentioned in the instructions, hence why it’s a good idea to read ahead before commencing assembly.

It is quite common with RC kits to assemble a part of the model and then set it aside for later addition. A good practice is to have an area for these parts to wait until needed where they can’t be moved by accident during the rest of the assembly process.

The biggest difference between these and other model kits is the inclusion of electronics. You will need to purchase a controller for your model and we can advise on the best option for compatibility with your chosen model. You will need to connect the transmitter to the model’s drive mechanism/motor and it is easy to make mistakes when doing this – most of the common problems arise from cables being plugged into the wrong sockets.

There are, as you may imagine, a wide variety of RC model kits available and we can advise as to the features of each to best suit your requirements. You can also browse our stock online.

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