Swarovski TLS APO 43mm Apo DRX Full Frame ATX STX

Reference BF-Z702-0308A

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The TLS APO 43mm adapter is a perfect for full frame / 35mm digital cameras. The TLS APO 23mmm/30mm adapters are designed for cameras with APS-C/DX sensors. All are attached in the same way, with a T2/T-ring adapter ring fitting the TLS to your camera. These accessories are listed below & not included.

For Swarovski ATX STX Modules (not the STS ATS STM STR or ATM telescopes)

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Our Description

The right choice for anyone who appreciates top-quality digiscoping, the TLS APO camera lens was developed as a complete system with the new ATX/STX spotting scopes. Its excellent optical quality makes it particularly attractive to the most discerning digiscopers who want to use single-lens reflex or system cameras.

If you spy a rare bird after a long and patient wait, you will want to capture this memorable moment forever. SWAROVSKI OPTIK has developed special equipment with which your digital camera and spotting scope can be swiftly transformed into one unit precisely for this purpose. This new trend is called digiscoping, and it is becoming increasingly popular among birders.

From spring 2017, the new TLS APO 43 mm Apochromat Telephoto Lens System now comes with a photo adapter specially designed to fit full-frame cameras.

This adapter, with its 43 mm focal length, provides digiscopers using these cameras with the perfect solution for achieving optimum image quality – with a focal length of over 1000 mm!

Images show a complete scope with camera (neither are included).


Reference: BF-Z702-0308A


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