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The dG is the first long-range optical device that combines observation with automatic animal identification, documentation and sharing. 13mp images & video shared to your Apple iphone iOS or Android mobile tablet or smartphone using NFC/WiFi. See our store review below

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Swarovski’s dG is a simple way to photograph, record & identify animals that you see. Essentially, it is an 8×25 monocular with a camera alongside in a well made & easy to handle device.

The idea is to have your tablet or smartphone wirelessly connected to the dG so images can be displayed & the animal subject identified by an app. You only have to focus the monocular before pressing the shutter release. Currently, there are two apps – for birds (Merlin) & Mammals (Swarovski’s own).

We have taken dG to a North Yorkshire reserve and tried it out in difficult evening light. The images quickly appear in your device. We were deliberately observing in evening light, our subjects being a nesting Coot & a Mallard paddling away. Merlin correctly identified the species instantly, logged the sightings & saved the images in the smartphone’s pictures: See the original image & a screenshot from Merlin above. Back at Grovers, High Street Northallerton, we thought a Crow overhead might cause some trouble in identifying but, no such problem as you can see from the images.

The Merlin and dG Mammals apps both have “life lists” that enable you to identify and catalogue your observations, logging date, time and location alongside the still images for future reference. When connected to a smartphone, the Mammals app’s live view enables you to display the dGs field of view on the screen, allowing multiple people to see the same view at once.

For some, dG will be too simple but, it has its place for those interested in animal ID & recording sightings. The 8x magnification is limited but, of course, allows for a snap-shot where you may have no picture with a more complex camera. dG is easier to use & much more robust than a traditional camera. Certainly a fantastic gift for the family, inspiring them to take an interest in wildlife from around the world.

Learn more about the wildlife you spot. The dG helps you to identify birds and other animals on your own.
With the simple push of a button, your sightings are transferred to your smartphone, your Merlin Bird ID app, or the dG Mammals app for automatic identification.

Seamlessly observe, photograph and track your wildlife encounters. With 8x
magnification power, you won’t miss a thing. Store your images and videos in
the SWAROVSKI OPTIK dG app to preserve your special moments.

Share your discoveries with others. An integrated Wi-Fi hotspot allows several of your companions to follow your sightings by live stream. You can also share your adventures on social networks with friends and the worldwide community.


The full potential of the dG is unlocked when you link it to your smartphone. You need the
SWAROVSKI OPTIK dG app to connect your dG to mobile devices. It also allows you
to connect to apps like Merlin Bird ID and dG Mammals, which help you to identify and
share your sightings. These apps are available for all current smartphones from the App Store and Google Play


Reference: SF-1E2EB0-0

Extra-Low Dispersion Glass (ED)



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