Magnifier Fresnel Flat Page Lens

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Its surface is covered with concentric grooves that refract the light. Nowadays they find wide use e.g. in light houses and overhead projectors.

Well suited as magnifying glasses for reading small text. Some In the form of a round magnifying glass with handle, magnification 3x, with good resolution


Our Description

Set of 5 Fresnel lenses (F-51, F-52, F-53, F-54, and Credit Card Lens)

60x60mm OptiMedia Fresnel lens F-51

High resolution magnifying lens with very good imaging (groove spacing 0.2 mm).

Size:60 x 60 x 0.3 mm

Focal length: +118 mm

274x210mm OptiMedia Fresnel lens F-53

XLL format (nearly A4), only 0.6 mm thick and 39 g in weight. Magnifies a whole book page twice. Caution: this lens is also a very strong burning-glass that ignites dry wood instantly!

Size: 274 x 210 mm

Focal length: +310 mm

256x177mm OptiMedia Fresnel lens F-54

Multi-focus lens, combination of a magnifying glass and twenty five wide angle lenses. Produces a fascinating optical effect: while one layer magnifies, the wide angle lenses produce 25 smaller images, each from a slightly different perspective.

Size: 256 x 177 mm

Focal length: +310 / -100 mm

85x54mm Credit Card Fresnel Lens

A handy magnifying glass the size of a credit card. Fits easily in your wallet or purse. Magnification 2.5x, good resolution.

Groove spacing: 0.3 mm

Size: 85 x 54 mm

Focal length: +160 mm

260x180mm Fresnel Lens

Not quite as large as our F-53, but with nearly the same Magnification and equally good resolution. Caution: can also be used as a burning-glass!

Groove spacing: 0.3 mm

Size: 260 x 180 mm

Focal length: +300 mm

300x190mm Framed Fresnel Lens with Handle

The same lens as our 361.OMF, but framed in black plastic with a handle on one side for use as a large magnifying glass. Caution: can also be used as a burning-glass!

Overall size: 300 x 190 mm

Lens size: 221 x 158 mm

Focal length: +300 mm

4″ (108mm) Round With Handle F-52

In the form of a round magnifying glass with handle, magnification 3x, good resolution (groove spacing 0.3 mm).

Diameter: 108 mm

Focal length: +100 mm

2.5″ (65mm) Round With Handle

Inexpensive fresnel lens shaped like a magnifying glass for all small detectives out there! Also ideal as prop or giveaway at children’s parties.

Diameter: 65 mm

Handle: 45 mm

Focal length: +130 mm


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