Baader Rowe Coma Corrector

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Use this fantastic product to correct the Coma that is inherent in fast Newtonian imaging.

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Our Description

  • The Baader Planetarium Rowe Coma Corrector has been optimized for Newtonians with focal ratios from f/4 to f/6, and will deliver 12micron stars across a full 35mm frame size.
  • For visual, the MPCC can be configured with any of our eyepiece holders or directly coupled to 2″ eyepieces using Astro T-2 System components.
  • The Baader Planetarium Rowe Coma Corrector offer the sharpest wide-field coma corrector available for imaging, and provides the best edge of field illumination.
  • The optics are anti-reflection coated with the finest 7 layer multi-coatings available.

Baader Planetarium Rowe Coma Corrector Features:

  • Dob users with f/3.7 – f/5 scopes have been discovering the unique benefits of the MPCC versus other coma correctors. The MPCC can be inexpensively configured for visual use with 1¼” and 2″ eyepieces.
  • No Magnification Increase: The MPCC delivers full fields for the widest 2″ eyepieces. Why spend the big ££ on a large widefield eyepiece, only to have its field squeezed by the coma corrector. Now, a 31mm ultra-widefield eyepiece can perform like a 31mm, and not a 26mm.. Also, unlike some correctors, the MPCC has minimal effect on the eyepoint and blackout behavior of long focal length eyepieces.
  • No additional Back-Focus (in-travel) Required: In fact, in direct-coupled configurations, the MPCC actually increases back-focus by about 10mm. If your eyepiece will focus without a coma corrector, it Will reach focus with the MPCC. This is not the case with some other coma correctors.
  • Reduced Vignetting: The MPCC works well with even the largest true field 2″ eyepieces. Due to the closer position of the field lens to the focal plane, the MPCC is able to provide a larger fully illuminated true field than some coma correctors (both visually and photographically).


Reference: 2956800


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